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Indian School-Dar es Salaam is a pioneer institute and the only school in Tanzania affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi, India. The school has a history of more than three decades to its credit. The school was originally established to provide quality education to the wards of the Indian expatriates.  Initially, the school was set up as Indian Study Circle and was run in a complex which was shared by another school.  Gradually, it grew into one of the most prospective, progressive and reputed schools in Dar es Salaam.  In the year 2004, the school was shifted to the present campus with own multi-storeyed building and other infrastructure with modern facilities. 

As the years rolled by, the school grew from strength to strength.  Today the school enjoys the reputation of being one of the premier institutions in Dar es Salaam. Indian School ensures a congenial atmosphere for the young ones to learn and grow.

The School is under a Board of Trustees headed by His Excellency, the High Commissioner of India to Tanzania, as the Chairman. The vision of the Management is to ensure that the school remains an abode of learning where the taught not only competes with their counterparts in India, but also match others globally.



Education at Indian School is a spontaneous process which enables us to conceptualize and execute our perception in true spirit.  For us education is a holistic outcome and we strive hard to provide all opportunities to our pupils to become a complete human being.


Our Mission is to equip our children with knowledge, information and training which keeps them ahead of their counterparts not only in India but also globally.



The objective of the school is to prepare a crop of well educated, knowledgeable, well groomed and honourable citizens in the society.  We primarily realize the vision of our stakeholders by providing a platform for enhancing academic excellence of their wards and transforming the personality of those entrusted to our care. We also aim at the overall development of the child personality by providing an environment conducive to physical, social, mental, moral, spiritual and intellectual growth.  Thus presenting to the society a set of ‘thinking individuals’ who can contribute positively to the society.

Principals Desk




“Education is what education does!

It is a process through and by which, a raw individual is transformed in to a cultured and civilized person.  It is by this process of education, one is trained in the art of living.  Education thus, is a man making process.

Education does, and should, not only enable an individual to acquire knowledge, but it also should equip him, with the discernment to perceive what is right and what is wrong.  Wrong education, not only jeopardizes the very purpose of it, but also it damages the very scope of human life.



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