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The school follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) introduced by the CBSE.CCE looks at the holistic assessment of a learner which also includes co-scholastic areas of Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, Sports and Games as well as co-curricular activities in addition to Scholastic Evaluation.



Under this scheme, the school will be conducting the First and Third Formative Assessments (for classes III to X) in the form of written tests.  It will be the same case for the First and Second Summative / End Term Assessments.

The Second and Fourth Formative Assessments will not be in the form of written tests.  Instead, they will be through Oral testing, projects, Assignments, Quizzes, Practicals etc. for which students will be informed in advance.

For classes XI and XII examinations will be held as per information provided by the CBSE.

Classes LKG to II will not have Formal Examinations. They will be continuously assessed through worksheets.


An academic session is divided into two terms - April to September and October to March.

Each Term has 2 Formative Assessments [FA] (may be best 2 of more than 2) and 1 Summative Assessment [SA] (Pen & Paper) conducted by the school.


Term                 Type of Assmt.           Percentage     Weightage      Term Total      G.Total

I (April-Sept.)   FA-1                          10 %                                                   

     FA-2                         10 %                20

     SA-1                         30 %                30               50


II (Oct-Mar.)     FA-3                          10 %

     FA-4                          10 %                20

     SA-2                          30 %                30               50              100



This will be a continuous process throughout the year.

Life Skills

Thinking Skills:     Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, self awareness

Social Skills:         Inter-personal, communication, empathy (feeling for others)

Emotional Skills:   Coping with stress, managing emotions

Attitudes and Values

Attitude towards Teachers, School mates, School programmes, Environment, Value system etc.

Participation and achievements in activities

Literary and Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic skills, Performing Arts, Clubs, Health & Physical Education.

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