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Indian School-Dar es Salaam offers education to students of all sections of society. Admission to all classes is subject to availability of seats and qualifying an entrance examination, except to LKG.   Admission to the children of Indian Expatriate may be made at any time during the session subject to stipulations laid down by the CBSE in classes IX-XII.  The Principal however, has the discretion to decide on admissions.


Classes II-V                English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Knowledge

Classes VI-VIII           English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Science

Classes IX-X               English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Science



Parents of students seeking admission to please note the following.

  • Application Form for Registration and Prospectus are available at the Reception.
  • Admissions will be determined after Admission Test.

Stage-I. Registration for Admission Test.

Stage-II. Admission Test

·        If qualified,

Stage-III. Submission of Application for admission along with the following documents.

                 (A photocopy each of all the documents to be submitted)

       1.  A valid Transfer Certificate [from a recognized School, signed by the Principal and

            countersigned by the concerned higher authority (Regional Officer in case of CBSE,

            attestation at the Embassy / Education Dept. in case of overseas schools)] for

            admission to class II and above, in original.

       2.  Mark Statement from the previous School. (Photocopy for submission and original

            for verification)

       3.  Passport of the student. (Photocopy for submission and original for verification)

       4.  Passport of the parents. (Photocopy for submission and original for verification)

       5.  Work Permit of the Parent. (Photocopy for submission and original for verification)

       6.  Three recent passport size photographs of the student.

Stage-IV. Collection of fee slip, payment of fees and submission of fee paid receipt in school.

Stage-V. Collection of Admission slip from the Principal and admission of the student in class.

  • Uniform and Note Books are to be purchased from outside.
  • Text Books, Belt, Tie, Badge and House T-Shirts are available in the School Store for purchase.
  • School bus facility may be used subject to availability.


Age for admission to various classes shall be regulated as indicated below. The student seeking admission should have completed the stipulated age on 31st May of the year in which admission is sought.


 Class         Age                      Class         Age                       Class            Age

 LKG             03 years                       III               07 years                       VII                11 years

 UKG             04 years                       IV                08 years                      VIII               12 years

 I                  05 years                                       09 years                       IX                  13 years

 II                06 years                       VI                10 years                       X                   14 years



Birth Certificate (passport may be considered in the absence of Birth Certificate) in case of admission to LKG-I and a valid Transfer Certificate in all other classes.

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